Our 1st week

This was our first week back. I am now teaching Spanish 2 and 4. I am really looking forward to this year because all of my students will have devices. I have been wanting to use technology for the last few years but it has been so difficult because we had to use the computer labs which were very busy.

I used a google form to give my students a tech survey to see what other types of devices my students have access to. Even though they have Chromebooks, sometimes it might be easier for them to use their phones to do some of the activities I want them to do.

We are using My Big Campus as our LMS. I am really excited to using it as well and exploiting some of the features that I wasn’t able to use last year.

I also found out about Google Classroom earlier this summer and yesterday my colleague Mitch and I did some experimenting after school. I created a class and put Mitch in it as a student. We figured out that we can use it to share an assignment with our students and when we do, the Classroom automatically creates a folder in our Drive. When the students submit the assignment, it automatically goes into that folder. We found that you can still make comments and do all of the other things that you can do with Goodle docs.

Mitch (who also teaches Spanish 2) and I started to use the Mi Vida Loca from the BBC. I wanted to use ClassFlow so that the students could use their chromebooks to answer questions. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out how to use ClassFlow in time for me to use it on Friday. So, we used our dry erase boards to answer the questions. I am thinking that Mi Vida Loca will be an interesting way to do some review and learn about Spain’s culture.

Lastly, Spanish 4 only has 9 students which is a relief after having classes of 35 last year. We are starting slowly. I think that many of the students don’t have confidence in their skills yet. I had them bring in an object which would represent something they did over the summer. They had to them say a few things about it and try to ask each other. I also asked them what they would like to learn and will incorporate their desires into our class. 

This is going to be a great year.











My First Post

Hi!! I am Polly Franklin, a Spanish teacher at Kankakee Valley High School. This is the beginning of my 4th year at KV but the beginning of my 20th year of teaching. I have taught in GA, WI and IN. I have taught in middle school, high school and at the university level. 

This is my first blog ever so I am really excited and nervous at the same time. This is a big step for me. I don’t want to sound conceited but I have always thought that I had good ideas and was willing to share them. However, I didn’t want to share something if it wasn’t perfect. I have realized that many people are sharing their ideas, warts and all, so why not? 

I have been to ISTE 3 times and have met so many people there and online. I am inspired by the people I meet online and my colleagues in my department. We are no longer a profession where you can stay static. You have to keep moving ahead, forward.

I might also be blogging about ADD, depression, or life in general. All opinions are mine.